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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

September 09, 2014

we are timeless

A day after a day 
Time after time 

Met up with people for--------- erm lunch/dinner???????? But it was a nice talk. 

This time, the clouds stopped for us, the clock wasn't ticking, time was infinite but we were not.

Maybe it was the same day maybe it wasn't but kwan helped me dye my hair haha which went not too well haahahhaha. But lesson learnt: Go to the fucking salon.

Bleach went wrong.

Trying another dye which hurt like a fucking bitch. Ouch ouch ouch to my scalp scalp scalp

Dinner with Don after his last day of school 

Holiday already but my course have this kind of portfolio review thing sigh you wouldn't want to read it anyways so, I guess it went well.

stupid boy wearing all my garang more vain than me wahlao 


Stay over at Jackie's

love my cuttlefish more than my boy

Helping out voluntarily at the carnival for Don's mum. Hand/face painting for 4 hours.

hehe yay i got my own table

Marcus and Yeehao's mascot 

ajisan ramen after 'work'

Kerwin's first ever production so being such great friends, Don and I went on the last day :-)

some grand place


Balloon for Kerwin YOU ROCK YAY

The play was good, after reading the script itself it got a lot better because it was pretty poetic yay

I wanna have a marble floor in my house the next time :-(

Hi hey 

Off to Clarke Quay to  c e l e b r a t e  yay!

this was really good btw damn it i need to take note of bars/pubs names next time :-(

Cheers again

Andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd to the rooftop wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Kerwin's friends introducing us to the rooftop I guess.

haha step

now you know which rooftop

Kind of a fun night but stayed at the rooftop for too long till the night at clarke quay is over and dead.

see my dress going in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles

Told you the night was dead

Yup sums up my night

Pool and drinking with Kwan's mates and Darien.

yup shag balls 

Inspiration walk in Orchard early in the morning by myself haha 

yay gals yay

Night study at ACC because holiday hw wahlao

No sleep because meeting people in the morning for breakfast and visiting of school

And of course sitting at the back of this hall which I have been sitting for, for 5 years. All these small flashbacks came rushing by ugh fucking nostalgic 

Sec 1 always getting caught and multiples spot check from teachers. And I even remembered on the first day of school getting caught for my piercing and having to remove them on the spot haha. That was also the reason I met one of my closest friend in my lower sec years. Not forgetting, Mdm Suzie, the discipline mistress who left a huge impact in my life. Sec 1 was kind of my most rebellious period, coming to think of it haha I was fucking stupid and pain in the ass. 
Sec 2 snatching seats at the corner in the hall so my friends and I could lean agaisnt the wall and also hide behind the pilers from any discipline masters. Not much in sec 2, I guess this phase was my hopelessly in love period, which was once again fucking stupid. But fair to say, that pain really made who I am today. 
Sec 3 we had a new form teacher so new teacher new rules which we were supposed to sit accordingly to our register number which also made us die hard wanna sit with our friends more meh. This period was also kind of my hardest moment I had went through, and through this, all my secondary school teachers never fail to encourage and support me. And I'm thankful to my sister and friends who were by my side. I guess I was kind of lucky.
Sec 4&5 having my closest and dearest friends by my side. I guess this was the period of me being more matured I guess, following the rules just to not stir any more troubles haha. It was the moment we felt we were the 'biggest' in school hence always being late for any assembly and such haha stupid. AND IM PROUD TO SAY I was a good girl in my upper sec years yay
So thanks for reading I guess hahahahahah

Whose house whose house

stupid boy trying out the selfie stand thing for the first time -____-

Jackie's sister birthday

Touch up my black roots yay hi to a more yellowish blondie

Stay over at Don's place for movie night and chit chat session. Chill and great night I LIKE YAY

Pool day with Kwan and nuaaaaa

So guys I'm done!!!!!!

After this post, I'm off to Batam. Like literally it's 5.12am now and I need to bathe and meet Don and Marcus at 6am. So back and blog around Batam!!!!!!!




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