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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

May 31, 2014

You make me feel nervous you make me feel calm

--------------------------MONDAY THE MOTHER OF BLUES 12/05--------------------------

school in the afternoon as usual and cca after school

Janice someone I met during cca who coincidentally knows kwan (my sis) and coincidentally knows priscilla (my pri sch mate) and coincidentally stays at sengkang and coincidentally is 18 and coincidentally somewhat joins cca alone teehee

CCA dinner with the seniors. CCA camp is coming soon, skipping sch for this but I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daddy's checkered shirt and kwan's crop top and shorts haha

------------------------TUESDAY THE MOTHER OF NOTHING 13/05------------------------

Public holiday if I didn't remember wrongly. Went to run some errands with Kwan and met Don and Kerwin after to chill and hang while Kwan went to do her own shit.


Came home and was trying out make up stuff because tmr is wednesday which will be our class coordination day and the theme is GOTH :-) And I was super excited about it last week when the class decided this theme oh my gaud haha

(don't judge pls and don't worry I didn't use this make up to school because I too feel that it's too much haha I went to google goth make up ok)

----------------------WEDNESDAY THE MOTHER OF SOMETHING 14/05----------------------

ok la still quite thick haahah

roxxy babe

preparing for ootd shot haha

goth enough for you? and yes we had a lot of eyes on us that day hehe which we all liked the attention as a group but once you walk alone wah babe you're on your own (like me when I first step into school alone)

for the skirts and dresses

Went to meet up with kwan at AMK later on for our hair appointment which mum got for us some cheap offer thing la oh and I removed just the lipstick while walking out of school because the attention too much to handle alone aiya still goth ok

hair treatment yay but now after 2 weeks my hair is still damaged like always meh I NEED TO FUCKING GET MY HAIR BACK TO NORMAL SO I CAN FUCKING DYE IT ARGH because the salon guy told me if I bleach it, my hair will fall like crazy 

Met Josie, Don and Marcus after hair treatment for dinner and to catch Amazing Spider Man 2! 

the movie was touching haha or maybe because I'm an emotional watcher (wait did i say this before?) I was panicking after the movie and quickly took out my mirror and check whether my eye make up got smudge anot because tears were literally rolling down my face during the movie haha and some more I was wearing bottom eyeliner so haha. Anyways nice movie love love love the digital design and the effects and animations, esp the electrical part like the colours were really pretty la.

So I went home and decided to cut my hair :-) ok la since I just did treatment and I should cut off my spilt ends too  

Before: tummy length After: boobs length
Wanted to cut slightly below my boobs but KWAN CUT WRONG so aiya snipped it all off. But I do not regret cutting my hair :)

the amount of hair I snipped off heart pain sia looking at it haha

Kwan's before and after not much diff pls


kwan is going to kill me BUT I DONT CARE BLEH 

-----------------------THURSDAY THE MOTHER OF ANYTHING 15/05-----------------------

Town with Don for a little shopping and sushi :-) 

just like the good old days 

aunty bo

 --------------------FRIDAY THE MOTHER OF EVERY FUCKING THING 16/05-------------------- 

do i recognise myself now?

Leap 1 hr of school and off to secondary school with Don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p/s to collect our certs and testimonials. Haha remembering the moment I left school I swear to myself I'm never ever ever evaaaaaa steping into this school ever again not to see teachers not to celebrate cny or sports day because 5 years, 5 goddamn years is enough. But hey, look where I went on that Friday damn gurl

p/s again not my umbrella duh 

Don Josie Kirstie :'-) 

must take picture everywhere because excited. oh and school is kind of empty because it was the last day of exams and duh who would stay in sch on a fucking fri (ok fine i do for extra classes but no extra classes get the fuck out and have fun alr)

hang out spot

no more fucking singing the national anthem bye losers haha 

not our recess spot but oh well near there haha 

Oh and Don and I managed to catch a short chat with Ms Divya my secondary school form teacher for 5 damn years haha. It was heart warming idk how to explain but it's a nice feeling letting her know what we're doing now because she's like our mum in sch to us teehee. And met Li Lao Shi too who blames herself because I didn't get A2 for chinese haha silly woman hahaha.
The rest came to join us slightly after they ended school :-) 

stupid marcus take cert don't know how jio one 

ying ying

the road where kwan and I are familiar with cuz late hahahah double trouble

and cheers to the mirror we check ourselves out everyday at least once

Don house after for x box!

Chit chat a little at Don's place but we got a little loud and his dad was sleeping already so we went down to chat a little more. Nice nice night.
Last minute plan to stay over at Rozanne's place. Thought of going home first to change but it got pretty late so the thought of cabbing home and cabbing back to Rozanne's nah 

Rozanne slept first because she had Judo the next day in the morning so WanYing and I were talking till we decided to sleep around 4-5 plus? Woke up in the morning, Rozanne's mum made breakfast and cabbed home. 

------------------------SAT&SUN THE MOTHER OF THE WEEK 16/05------------------------  

Didn't go anywhere for the two days because 1) no life 2) kwan's busy with her friends 3) assignment to complete 4) back to (1)

using paint

using chalks

-------------------------- BACK TO MONDAY 19/05-------------------------- 

no photos, cca after school, didn't wear the headwear in the end

--------------------------BACK TO TUESDAY 20/05--------------------------   

haha in love with this top it's giving me the baby sweetie vibe no?

morning warm up 

back to school again to accompany jo to take her cert, sch was more crowded because everybody stays in sch on tues haha no la i think it's their chinese intensive

Never like people coming back to school ok lemme explain myself. I'm sec 5 and 18 this year so my batch (same age who came in high sch tgt) the express stream those who took o levels during sec 4 while I took n levels. And the next year, my sec 5 year, and their poly year 1 they like coming back for school for don't know what fuck so I'll still be in fucking sec sch while they move on idk do you guys get my idea but definitely the feeling sucks.
So any sec 5s out there reading this, I feel your asses bros. 

short catch up but still nice :-)

our class hehe

Nex with Kwan :-)

--------------------------BACK TO WEDNESDAY 21/05--------------------------   

clay modelling which I kind of enjoy so much better than painting


Yeah the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are all the same length not pro enough ok this is my best 

Not blind folded VS blind folded. The teacher made us wear a blind fold at first because he wanted to picture what we have in our minds and when we take out the blind fold we'll appreciate our eyes better hahahaahaah ok 


Went for job briefing with the rest at Toapayoh. So we're doing this Philips event carnival, I did it last year with Rozanne, WanYing, Marcus, Jason and Jolyn but this time I'm doing with Rozanne, WanYing, MY KWAN, Marcus, KaiYi, Nixon and JiaRong. Aiya you will know more about this when you scroll down.

--------------------------BACK TO THURSDAY 22/05--------------------------  

2nd round of clay but different type of clay haha hand fetish :-P

And........... Was doing my scuplter half way when I found out it looked wrong hahahhaah can you tell now?

can you tell now? ;-)

haha the teacher was walking by so I pretended that I was raising it up hahahaah 


hahahhaahahahaahahahahaah wtf 

love love love love my necklace :-)

--------------------------BACK TO FRIDAY 23/05--------------------------  

almost done

i can't stop looking at my shoes hehe they are like glowing in the day hehe so funny hehe

wardrobe malfunction 

Deciding to go for Laser tag or Play nation or movie :-(

Play Nation for 2hrs and we were fucking screaming and shouting in front of the screen haha but no worries because there's other group nosier than us hehe I really wanna try the board games some day!!!!!!!!

--------------------------BACK TO SAT&SUN 24&25/05--------------------------  

Philips carnival event at TPY!

fucking shag and extremly tired with only 4 hours of sleep because we had to reach the bloody place at 7am we had to leave house at 6am and wake up at 5 plus fug

grabbed a sandwich while waiting for the rest

Had to get a bigger shirt = longer sleeves to cover up my arm tattoo because adecco don't want intimidating looking people big sigh to society 

Had the same booth as last year means Rozanne and I are considered experienced yay hehe. And I like the breakfast and lunch they serve there too. The 1st day was hotttttttttttt and crowded like fuck. Wanying and Kwan were shock because they didn't expect people to ask THAT much questions haha. You should see Kwan face when she was like totally lost.
Dinner with the guys while Don came down to find us. Good company but horrible horrible terrible as fuck food. 

terrible terrible skin condition due to the lack of sleep :-( even my concealer can't hide them 

fuck i think i look damn lian here

mummy did this ribbon for me :3

oh and if you noticed i changed my tunnels because of this event haha because i don't want anybody staring through them too :-/ oh and the girls are selling Mother care baby products and the guys are selling Kitchen appliances

love my bun here :-)

ya i look fucking short zzzz

Vietnam maid 

Rozanne couldn't make it because of heat rash :-(

step hehe

2nd day was better more relaxing in a sense. But aiya no pretty boys to look at sian haha. Nixon went back home half way because he got sick too. Take care guys.

f a t 

Whoohooo no more philips loh now wait for pay which will come only around June fug :-( 

Dinner with Kwan, Kaiyi and Marcus and long bus ride home after that which Kwan and I missed because we over shot because we were sleeping :-( 

Didn't had the time to blog last week because of philips and I was fucking exhausted and desperate for sleep. And my 9am classes are not helping at all but I've been sleeping early which now is helping my face A L O T. (i think) Sleep is good sleep is the best.

--------------------------BACK AGAIN TO MON 23/05--------------------------  

lazy to dress up mehz

My first submission sewn from scratch frabic :-) Proud of myself because I never liked sewing (i still don't) and I never thought I would ever pick up sewing haha. But hey :-) I sewed something fucking wearable ok 

Met Kwan for facial appointment after school :)

Because cute

Bali Thai after facial! Which was gooooooood! Always chose Thai Express over Bali Thai even before trying out Bali Thai but the food there is actually not too bad and the atmosphere there is pretty good too lor got cushions some more.

but soup still thai express clear tom yum best teehee

The pineapple rice was nice :-) And omg the prawns THEY HAVE TASTE. Because thai express ones are tasteless 

--------------------------BACK AGAIN TO TUES 24/05--------------------------  

Bun to school hehe I can get addicted to this hair style

fucking hate wires 

hi roxanne

home early was motivated to re paint my nails, download new songs to my phone but i got lazy argh

See my black ugly roots :-( Mummy doesn't allow me to dye my hair huhuhuhuhu

--------------------------BACK AGAIN TO WED 25/05--------------------------  

Wednesday class coordination day = Pyjamas day! No pyjamas so alibaba pants :-) Have big balls or go home 

shuttle bus with kwan

do you see it???

ya roxanne face is the ghost hahahahaha

Sewing classes from 9-12 Design Fundamentals from 12-3

Me peacefully doing my sculpture while rox taking a penis like sculpture pointing it towards my mouth 

--------------------------BACK AGAIN TO THURS 26/05--------------------------  

Went to school early for sewing and................................

 Xiao Ming was here haha. 

sewing sos 

wire sculpture on animals for des fun I HATE WIRES HAVE I MENTIONED? So fucking happy when I completed it

 Went to china town after school with classmates to buy fabric for our sewing assignment 3! Which I can't wait hahaha

Met mommy afteer chinatown to 313 and went to check out some facial products to help my pimples :-( The person said because I used too much bb cream :-( but 2nd day now, and my face is better already haha, a bit untrue right? Like how can??? I don't know but I feel my face is better a little I guess.

Chat with mummy while on the way back home. I was telling her how I don't mind doing things alone, like applying for cca alone, going for cds alone, and she said she was like me last time being self independent but she was very introvert and very quiet. So I jokingly said I was following her footsteps but she said 'no, you're a fighter'

idk is just that moment you know. Which kept me thinking.

Got my mac book keyboard sticker with Don and I am loving my mac book now hahaha trying to make a point to use my macbook everyday cause its too pretty to not to be used

--------------------------BACK AGAIN TO FRI 27/05--------------------------  

guess which disney character?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!!!?!!

off to town with Don because Don wanted to shop

mini mouse no???

awkward pose because i am awk 

Hezron came to join us after for a little shopping, mostly it's just me shopping -__- 

Saw hez finally after quite some time. Hearing his laughter again defiantly brought back some secondary school memories.

MET WITH MY FUCKERS AFTER HEZ WENT TO WORK :-) Missed all of them, Kerwin you too ok <3

finally got my stickers which Kerwin's friend introduced the web to us and we all shared the delivery charges

featuring Darien's nipple piercing 


Cheers to all the plans made for the holidays, cheers to those plans which actually happened, cheers to those which didn't, cheers to catch up sessions, cheers to the old memories, cheers to the sad ones, cheers to the happy ones, cheers to all the silly moments, cheers to any awkward situations, cheers to high school, cheers to friendship, cheers to friends.

WanYing featuring my children's clothing for assignment 2 haha 

Went home to paste my stickers on my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god I have Kwan to help me hahaah. Caught Walk of Shame before heading to sleep.

which one is your fav? Kwan's is the one at the bottom right. Mine's the frankenstein or pug or skeleton hand or crow or I CAN'T DECIDE 


Like I mentioned above, 

Cheers to friends.
Cheers to bygones.
Cheers to memories.

Cheers to you.


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