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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

January 04, 2015

A step nearer to the death angel

Happy 2015 everybody yay! 

I have alot to blog before this haha wanted to do a blog post before the year came to an end but nope I didn't manage to because it's loooooong (and probably boring???)

So I'll just blog about my CHRISTMAS + NEW YEAR celebration!


Well, Christmas is one of the least fav holiday for me. Probably because my family don't celebrate it so nah... However this year was probably the best christmas I've had?? Simple but good enough :-)

Jack's Place @CompassPoint for dinner! Wanted to go for the traditional kind with the turkey or ham but well, let's just bring that plan under the 'plans-never-gonna-happen' category. Haha but there's always the following year and the next??? 

Yes it took that long, probably because the place was packed as well la haiyo. But the waiters/waitresses were quite rude also aiya nvm nvm as a former F&B waitress, I UNDERSTAND :-) 

I really dk what he trying to do 

Haha but we received a mini xmas gift from Jack's haha all the fancy hats and miscellaneous party stuff. 

Off to Kovan to get drinks and wait for Wanying to start the exchanging of presents!!!!!!

secretly a cat woman (wait for my ootd for new year) 

Haha no fucking idea why don's hands are on himself..........

sip sip sour apple sth I forgot haha

And someone brought out an idea of booking a hotel to stayover so we have a place to sleep sort of?? So off to Fragrance hotel near the old Serangoon shopping center, I think it was 1 room for 30 plus?? But we had 4 people so we had to book 2 rooms

While waiting for the rest to finish bathing aiyo

And second round of drinking with Vodka instead, after some charades (wait no after alot of charades), confessions idk, our 'party' died haha

First with Kerwin going to the second room to sleep, then Don just collapsing in the middle of the fucking bed hovering over the blanket avhfahjsg, and after a really long but nice talk with Wanying, everybody turned in.

Went for lunch and home sweet home ugh. But it was a pretty good night :-) 


! N E W   Y E A R !
Friends and I were planning to host a chalet or either go for the party at siloso beach because oh well, things got a little screwed up so clarke quay haha.

So here's how my New Year started :-) 

probably too over the top never like putting lipstick but ya 

fuckers when they came in the train they straight away say go funeral ah 

Met Josie and Marcus along the way and makan! 

Haha kerwin asking me whats my 2015 resolution, I said I wanted to be goth but jk no hahhaha. Outfit was just for fun so, no resolution no expecting anything from 2015

It was crowded at clarke quay!!!! Okay la halloween more crowded idk why. Went to shisha to kill time and also wait for wanying

My yellow bead lost wahlao :-(((

start small first haha

We were at the pub Shraz aiya the only one you see people outside smoking la haha, shisha was $70 for 2 pipes fuckkkkkkkk and they had to ask us to leave zzz

WanYing came and plans twist a little, headed to Marina to check out the fireworks. Haha we thought we were not gonna make it in time and celebrate countdown in the train though. 

my face expression >> because they come in a pair 

Dear Josie, although we might have drifted somehow somewhat, but no matter what circumstances, all the letters and notes I've given to you during secondary school haha I still mean them okay! I'll still be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and even eyes to witness you success and accomplishments. I still do truly regard you as one of my closest friends, so hopefully our (whatever we have) won't die down. :-) 

Dear Marcus, haha you're one of the bro I never had because you know both of them (ahem) are more like sisters hahahah. Hopefully you'll still be as steady as ever okay and the light in ya never fade. Thanks for bringing hype to our group, haha you're like a dolphin always squealing no mater good or bad. Good luck to whatever that comes your way bro, and you better treat me like a sis you never had or I slap you!!! 

Dear WanYing, ying ying hahaha!!! Never expected myself to have another girl-friend who I can truly count on and trust because haha I'm never a girl-friend material. Probably don't see myself as one either. But you're someone I can talk comfortably to without censoring my words and knowing you more and more, as 2014 came to an end, it was truly a pleasure. I'm really flattered!! Haha continue to be the blooming flower among all of us and hopefully someone who is truly your soul would come by and sweep you off your feet. ;-) 

Dear Kerwin, from 'enemies' to best friends haha. Thanks for all the drama you brought into my life, with you and Don my life have never gone boring. In my eyes, you'll always be the star in the performance. No matter, you're glowing or you're dimmed, I'll be right at your back cheering you on. And not forgetting screaming and cursing you if you're defying gravity haha (see what i did there). And I look forward to see what your future holds and don't let anyone pull you down. Whatever way our stories end I know you'll have rewritten mine by being a friend. <3

Dear Don, Don ah Don haha. What do I say about you. Someone who knows me better than I know myself (or acts like he know me better than I know myself) haha jk. Someone who's there no matter how angry he is with me and how many times I've put our friendship on the edge. You're my best friend Don and I'm sorry for all my nonsense you had to put up with so don't give up on me okay? Like how I've been putting up with your own little things you have in ya and I'm still with ya. Thanks for being someone I can vent, trust and expect, because you never let me down (well sometimes but aiya hardly haha a girl is hard to please) From 13 till going-to-be 19, it may not be long for you but you've own the status and will be always owning the status of BFF in my heart. So less petty fights and more buffet please? :-P

Haha, so fireworks fireworks blah blah blah. And decided to head back to clarke quay for more drinks after a round of silent debating haha. 

And saw my dearest precious Kwanny hehe :-) and also bao bao oops while they and they're other friends are on the way to makan. 

To my blood sister, people can take anything away from me, my money, my dignity and even parts of me, but never you. You're someone I cannot live without, I know I'm not always 24/7 with you, but it's like you're the blood in my system. I don't want you but I need you in my life, you're something I can't say no to. You might not think you're essential as I'm busy with other things in life, but you're truly a part of me like a ying to a yang. You made me Kirstie, without you---- I can't even imagine myself without you. So please don't give up on me, because although sometimes you can bring thunderstorms into my sky, but seeing things in a whole picture, you're the sunshine to my grey sky. I love you my dearest Kwan, Kwan mei mei hahahahahah yucks. <3

Haha enough of cheesy stuff already I cannot tahan myself. So yup we were at clarke quay! Don and Josie left, while Richard came to join the party haha.

Went to the oh so famous The Chupitos Bar and ordered brainfreeze shots. I highly doubt there were even alcohol in their shots..... Idk. But the place with small and pack so I guess we left. 

And our last stop.... Paulaner, pub i think or bar idk. haha which the 5 of us spend 300plus total bill. After jeagerbombs, flaming lambos, henineken and weissebeer.............

Hahahahhhaaha. It was fun until the bouncer had to kick us out because someone puke on the table haha. But before that, we went to the mini dance floor to dance and jiggle a little which was fun haha. 

And long talk with Wanying and Marcus, and we just left the two idiots there to sleep on the floor haha. Bao came to pick Richard up haha and off to their house. 

Haha kerwin dead face

And hours (or what felt like hours) of dragging richard back home, finally washed up and a set of fresh clothes.

My bao ah, I see your face I don't feel like typing already. hahaha jk. Thank you for pampering and loving me like a princess. Our journey has been a little confusing and funny but after all, I'm happy with you. You've been my pillar as I know you won't lose hope on me and would not go through a day loving me less. Hehe so thick skin but true right. And you'll always be my baby :-) I hope you feel that we are good enough for each other and that no matter where we are from or when we are born, it doesn't make any differences because we love each other hehehehe bleh. And soon, maybe not soon, but one day, I'll be climbing mountains for you :-) (p.s may be literally or not ok because it might be a metaphor haha) 

2014, let bygones be bygones. Easy to say but grudge will always be there I guess, forgive but never forget? At least I've learn quite a lot of new things, I've learn to look at things at a different perspective you could say, I'm less angry? Yes I'm less angry :-) 
2015 haha I have yet to get used to being 18 let alone I'm going to turn 19 haha. The clock is ticking, ain't nobody got time to wait. 

School tmr, kill me 


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