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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

June 29, 2014

Setting fire to our insides for fun

Hi :-)

I've been having a mild fever for the last few days which was terrible terrible, mild meaning my fever only came when I'm heading to sleep and in the early morning. But I'm better now thanks to the magical thing: panadol.

Going to etrails for the last few days and also still going because final theory test is on 1st July which is soon soon soon. CAN U IMAGINE JUST ONE MORE PRACTICAL TEST AND I'M DONE :-) Haha but of course practical is going to be hell.


'Ran errands' in the afternoon and met up with my kakis for dinner! Finally met my absolutely stubborn absurd and won't shut up BFF, hehe :-)

syarah :-)

miss hanging out with them just like that 


Ming Fen advance birthday BBQ surprise! Met Don at compass to get balloooooooons for the party.

kerwin on 89

Kerwin's Victoria Secret Wings

haha can you guess Ming Fen's fav colour now

don taking his insta worthy photo


secrets are meant to be kept

Well, Happy Birthday MingFen! Although you don't read my blog but oh well, hope you enjoyed this mini surprise, Joseph and the rest planned hard for it haha. And hope you're doing well and everything goes smoothly for you in life! Thank you for all the laughter and joy you brought during our lower sec years, miss those carefree years haha.

proud of my photobombed duck face

While the rest went back, met the boy. Grabbed booze and off to camping!!!!! :-) Set up our tent, booked area 3 but was a little inconvenient so went ahead with area 1. First time pitching a tent but not as hard as I expected though :-P 

Bathed at Paris Ris toilet which took me BALLS to bathe there by myself ok. Having the fact there's a fucking big moth a few foot steps away from my cubicle. I GREW BALLS.

A pretty big tent for 2, 4 men tent I think haha. Although it was rather spacious it was still hooooooot, a little sea breeze outside

haha poor thing who had to bring so many stuff like the tent (duh), blanket and such haiyo

Didn't get much sleep because it was hot hot hot hot hahaha but it was a lovely night :-) 

I'm always saying I'm not a sunrise/sunset person but when I do actually see one I FUCKING LOVE IT hhaaahaha maybe I just hate the wait

Our tent :-) Thank you for the night my dear boy :-)

cabbed home haha the state of my fucking hair and face

Slept for a few hours and had to wake up for CCA :-( Which I'm feeling stress out about because of the new score we are learning, and the fact I can't really catch up because I missed a training because I was sick fuck. And also I kind of regretted joining the CCA alone hmm...... REASONS WHY I DONT DO WELL WITH CCA FUCKING GOT MYSELF INTO THIS SHIT


Pula Ubin day! Didn't go early in the morning because we're not morning people. Met them around 12pm at 89 AGAIN and ran for the fucking bus AGAIN. I need to learn how to get ready faster so I won't be always rushing fuck

new baby :-)

Changi Village for lunch before heading to the ferry terminal  

And finally ferry to Pula Ubin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pula ubin must take shot :-)

Embarrassing, when we were renting the bicycles the person requested to rent us the better ones which were $12, we tried, person adjusted the seats and stuff, and when we took out our wallets we realised we didn't actually withdraw enough money because we needed money to get back too. So in the end we had to request for a cheaper one hahahaha ok la saying it like doesn't sound embarrassing but it was

Missing my Nicki fixie but die die also wouldn't bring it here confirm die haha

super super love the scenery like it's something different

they had small roads like this like a mini maze kind of thing, you can't see the entire road in front you so it's quite difficult to predict what's coming your way. The slopes can be pretty scary because it's hard to control with all the rocks and bending and turning haha. But the place is really nice.

trying to take a standing up shot

yay haha

Oh and the weather was just just nice. There's sun but it wasn't sunny, kind of windy actually. Thankful we didn't go too early!!!

Haha all tired from cycling already, don't get how people come so early in the morning as early as 7-8am? Got so many things to do meh


fail hair flip shot

Marcus say like family photo :-)

Haha oh and we spammed insect repellant all over us which actually seemed to work!!!!!!

I really really want to cliff dive!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha was searching for the word on google like, jump off a cliff into the water name. And they gave me suicide, fuck 

Haha these shots were actually taken not by self timer, but by video and screen shotted them stupid but it worked

2 black diamonds meaning (guess) the level difficulty of hiking and it's going to be dark, there's a small notice below saying not to go in if it's raining

Yes we went it, it was beautiful :-) Gave me a little Vampire Diaries vibe but in the end half way through the journey we walked back out because 
1) my friends are pussies 
2) the path was hard to walk and us pushing our bicycles were harder 
3) mosquitos mosquitos and more mosquitos 
4) my friends are fucking pussies 

beach selfie shot 1 

beach selfie shot 2

beach selfie shot 3

beach selfie shot 4 i love how the sunlight really brightens up my eye bags and enhance them wow 

back on track 

this makes me happy

Would defiantly come here again, I really really love all the greens there, the air, the sky, everything. It's mother nature

we are the reckless we are the wild youth but we are young

handsome yeo

Came across this resort, and what caught our attention was the FISH SPA because we were all so tired duh haha which was S$8/hr. Oh they have chalets there too but its quite pricey I think

So my first experience of Fish Spa-ing. Hmmm I think it went rather well. Soaked my feet in the first time, was feeling rather comfortable but once the fishes came like ALL AT ONCE and THEY WERE BIG omg. I got scared and immediately lifted my feet off haha. It took quite an ounce of courage for me to get my feet back in because it was ticklish and the big fishes really nibble quite painfully haha but the small ones were fine. But once you get used to it I think it's alright. OH but would I go fish spa-ing again hmm I doubt so.
Marcus was scared too haha. Wanying and Don seemed to like it A LOT though

Back to Singapore. Head to Changi Airport Astons for dinner! 


Pink Dot at Hong Lim Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't get up in time to meet the rest so made my way there myself, got pizza from plaza sing and off to Hong Lim Park!!!!!!!
Was there quite early though, the crowd wasn't coming in yet and the sun was hot hot hot 

Regretted not wearing pink enough :-( NVM NEXT YEAR U WAIT I'M GONNA PINK U AWAY

got our free pink torches :-)

ying ying was the pinkest among us haha

crowd coming :-)

they had this instagram printing where if you hash-tagged #pinkdotsg they will print your photo out for you with their label below! :-)

Thanks for the films ying ying!

media all behind us

My brother -____- Oh and I would bring John though but he going to be running everywhere sniffing every dog he sees so no

boobies on top of me hahahahaha

I feel that last year's concert was better but this year is defiantly more crowded 

pink parade

some girls like girls 
some boys have a boyfriend

 getting ready to shine our lights!!!!!!!!!!!!

credits to don :-)



video of us counting down :-)

Anddddd after party :-) The DJ was so so, didn't really know the music haha but I feel the music wasn't loud enough too hahahah but it was fun just dancing and fooling around :-) I think I looked like some crazy ass bitch wtf ha

To Clark Quay for late dinner!

while uploading photos for my blog hahahah all pink 

credits to Pink Dot SG

Pretty pretty pretty of 26k humans supporting the freedom to love.

" take me someplace
where a closet
only means wooden box with clothing,

where it doesn’t mean space
shared by souls in hiding,

where it isn’t feared by queer young men
who fear their fathers and their belts
just as much

where queer young girls
don’t have to hide behind poetry
sprinkled with inconsistent pronouns—

was it a she or a he?
tell me, don’t the words gay and lesbian
also mean human? "
—  closets, inklustt


So I guess it's the end of my 2 weeks holiday and time for school to begin again, nothing else I can say.

And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones.
Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.
Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The lovers that went wrong.


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