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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

October 10, 2013

Love taught me to lie. Life taught me to die.

Hey guys. It's finally October :) September was really terrible due to tons of family problems. Anyways, going to continue where I left off. This post is going to be really longgggggg because I haven't got time to post! It has been kind of a long time hah. Tons of photos coming your way!


Saturday (21 Sept)

Went out with Kwan after work. Suppose to head out to find Halloween headbands because I'll be going USS to celebrate with my cousins on 11 Oct!! Really excited. Anyways, back to that day, didn't manage to find any most probably because we went to the wrong place.

Promised mummy that we wouldn't spend too much because she's kind of tight that month. But 313 New Look was having a sale so we couldn't resist the temptation so we went ahead to shop. So sorry mummy, times like these I think she wished we were boys.

Was half way through our shopping when coincidentally we saw Kasey and Kylie there!!!! Haha we literally screamed in the outlet. Small small Singapore.

Same specs as Kylie :P

After New look went to Cine to grab some stuff blah blah. 

Haha Kwan got shocked by this :-P

Step one got beats but actually on display lol.

Ps: Same day but we just changed hah.

After doing our errands we wanted to eat Din Tai Feng for late dinner which I've been craving for the last two whole weeks. But unfortunately, we went too late and past the last ordering time. :( Went to eat Ramen Play instead, we were super lucky because the last ordering time was in 5 min time haha. The staff there must have hated us.

Finally home from shopping legs were achinggggggggggg

Love love love this day well spent with Kwanny. <3

And home sweet home :) Spent in a total of $455 plus on credit not including cash purchases yet, imagine just by adding another $100 we could actually bought a new iphone 5c.


Sunday (22 Sept)

Out with Kwan again. Was suppose to head to Bishan Starbucks to study because I past by there the last time and it was pretty big. But too bad we went too late and it was kind of pack with people studying there too. But actually there was a few seats la but the table was really small so we just bought our starbucks and head off. 

Kwan's itouch effect :)

Sudden realization that there's Din Tai Feng there so yay!!!!!!!

Head back to Sengkang to study with Kwan and her friends.


Friday (27 Sept)

Last Friday in hihs haha. And it's the first time I coincidentally saw Kwan when we wanted to refill our bottles.

Met Kerwin for dinner after school!

It was Don's Birthday too. So didn't celebrate in school but he got his Hershel bag present there :-) Planned a surprise mini budget 'party' for Don at his place where we planned to surprise him there when he comes home from dinner with his parents. And did it worked? Hell yeah ;-)

Chilled a little at his place!

Then went down to the pool side to chill a little more while waiting for Josie's and my dad to pick us up.

Home. Night was ruined.


Saturday (28 Sept)

haha 1st pic I wish I would look like this when I die.

Work in the morning. Came home for a little nap before heading to Pasir ris for a little cycling/photoshoot session with Josie, Don and Marcus. 

Met them inside bus 89! 

Cycled to rock 12 and took photos there :-) 

Yes I wore this to cycle. There's nothing wrong wearing a cardigan to cycle okay :-( I love this cardi so much 

These two pictures are dumb.






Only managed to cycle for an hour because we met kind of late and reached there around late 5 and the shop closes at 7pm so yup.

Went to dine at Just Asia at downtown east! Spent a little more time walking around and taking cute neoprints :-)

Really love this neoprint because it's so pink ^~^ And like somewhat a family portrait haha wtf. Anyways thanks for the night guys it was fun and it's a blessing knowing you guys!

Did a somewhat dare where Don placed a tripod on the bus :-P

Home early because of Kwan! Thanks Don for the photos!


Monday (30 Sept)

Normal school day as per normal but it was the last week of school. Gong Gong had some problem with his health so met up with cousins to visit him in SGH. 

Love the second picture.

It's kind of my first time encountering this kind of situation whereby someone who is related to me is on the edge of death. Although we were not really close as somewhat I wasn't brought up by my grandparents but by my actual parents and godparents, it was heart rending seeing him on the hospital bed with wires all around him. So somehow I don't really have a close relationship with my grandparents. But still, it was tragic.

The atmosphere when we first reached there was still alright but at the part where my mum and aunts have to make a decision to let him go or to give him a little more time, that's the most mournful part. He was fighting for life, he was trying so hard to make sure he gets enough oxygen every time he breathe through the oxygen mask. He wanted to live and the worst is, fate isn't allowing him too. Whenever he was in pain, he shuts his eyes with his eyebrows frowning, and the worst is we can't do anything about it. He was hurting and it hurt all of us seeing him in pain. And because it was too painful to see him hold onto his fragile life with cancerous cells killing him slowly inside, we let him go. 

We couldn't bear to leave the hospital but still we bid our final last goodbye and touched his pale brittle hands. And it was my last time seeing him breathing. 


Gong gong passed away at 1:37 p.m. 01/10/2013. He was in coma before he left, means I guess he had a good dream before we went away right?

Went to the funeral after school with Kwan. 

The atmosphere there was alright too because I guess everybody was kind of glad that he was no longer in pain and at somewhere better now. But my step ahma was depressed which we all could understand, because she spent her whole life taking care of him, showering him with all her affection. I really can't bear a thought to think about her going home, seeing the bed where gong gong used to sleep on, empty. Her doing nothing at home because not only she had live for herself but she had live for gong gong.


Thursday (3 October)

And finally to the day where we all have been waiting for, the last day of school. Fucking 3rd goddamn October.

Unsure whether could I concentrate during lessons or not but I was mother fucking goddamn elated that day. Why? Because for 5 fucking years that's why.

I'm really going to miss this period the most with them :')

Tuition teacher came down to our school just to pass us our graduation present <3 


Didn't head back home after school because I was lazy. So stayed in school with Don! Brought my hair straightener along because I'm vain like that :)

And graduation night was just heart warming :') It's really somewhat touching when you see everybody flashing out their cameras to take this magical moment with their friends. Didn't expect myself to cry but I did haha. Means I do actually feel something about leaving hihs. Oh well. 

Sherlene Lim :) My kokocrunch teehee

And presenting to you, 5 FAITH 2013

My dearest dearest Ms Divya, the one who sees me mature and grow as a person. The one who teaches me the right and wrong and never allow me to walk astray. The one who never judges or criticizes me for all my wrong doings. The one who cares enough to walk these 5 years of my secondary school life with me.

Cried when I was reading Li Lao Shi's letter and my emotions really got the better of me when I saw her. Really really blessed to have her.

Li Lao Shi, Luo Lao Shi and

Guan Lao Shi. Haha I've got so many chinese teachers for the past years.

ps for my red eyes just cried finish lol

Augustine, Timothy, Jiarong, Nixon and Kaiyi. We grow and mature together for 5 years, my secondary school bros :)

Joseph, Hezron and Darien. LGBros haha

Both sciences teachers :)

Haha Mr Bernard who hates me because I'm always creating trouble with him.

And Ms Koh, she gave me a certificate because of the first prize our class won due to the racial harmony design thing, no idea why I cried argh.

And the 3 musketeers :) It's a joy spending my 5 years of secondary school life with them :)

After graduation night went to chill with tao huey with the rest! Because the tao huey place was too crowded we decided to head to some playground instead. Chilled and talk there for awhile. Guessing it's the last time we would actually hang out in our school uniforms.

A night to remember.

Met Kwan and went to Gong gong funeral. Home around 2 plus.


Friday&Saturday (4-5 Oct)

Supposed to meet Kylie and Kingston at Daiso Orchard at 12pm. But Kwan and I couldn't wake up so we continued sleeping instead. Head out with Kwan to Rivervale Daiso to get some stuff before heading to the last day of gong gong's funeral. Did some prayers and soon it was already late at night.

Decided to stay over at the funeral because have to be back here at 1030am for preparation of cremation. 

Kylie applying lotion for me on my bruise. Which is kind of bad now......... 

Fell down the drain during the funeral because I'm careless and dumb zzzz

So didn't sleep because I was writing this post haha. And watched Stuck In Love with Kwan which was a nice movie :-) I love it. Because it's just so nerdy and boooooky haha.

Slept a little before waking up to attend the send off funeral. 

How you would wake up when you have an irritating cousin :P

And yes the send off funeral when they remove the coffin, was devastating. Mummy cried which made Kwan cried which made me cried too. Like a chain effect kind of thing. And sent Gong gong off to cremation. 

After the cremation, things were better, everybody felt a little more relief and less heartbreaking. Had a good early dinner and went home to change before heading out again!

Met a few of my cousins at AMK to catch Insidious chapter 2 at 8:50pm.


And I proud of myself that I actually watch a whole horror film without shutting my eyes at ANY scary parts. Maybe I did hide behind my hands but I still watch ok! Kingston and Kwan beside me were so scared :P Kwan literally scream in the fucking cinema  no I'm not kidding. She was the nosiest in the entire cinema haha. Stupid Kylie didn't sit with me like how she said she would >:(

But all in all, the story line was pretty cool and interesting! It is definatly less scarier than The Conjuring haha. And you have have have to watch Insidious chapter 1 before watching this if not you would be kind of lost.

Hang over and chat for a little while and home! Bittersweet day with all my beloved cousins. I love them so much. Thank God for them.


Sunday-Monday (6-7 Oct)

Off to Malaysia to put gong gong's ashes there because his 2nd wife wants it there. Up at 7am and ciaooooooooooooooooooooo Singapore! Although it was kind of a mini get away but was at super disadvantage because of the limited time to study for 'o's. Constantly worrying about it.

 Daddy borrowed a car from another of my aunt! Met the rest of the family at the place to collect the ashes.

My personal lip bum applyer :*

Malaysia is just beautiful. With all the plants and trees planted and not actually replaced by tall buildings. And you can really tell the differences of how fresh the air is. Really beautiful, you can actually see like thousands of palm trees.

And reached gong gong's new home.

the scenery is really nice

All tired and shag haha

lol sorry for my belly

even the toilets are nice

The Lim sisters

And then lunch by the beach!!!!!!!

And now let me salivate your mouth ahahahaha

And to the Pearl White hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Head to our rooms which were creepy as hell (googled the name, not haunted) and then went out to walk around a little :)

Singapore should have this >:(

Back to hotel with supper :)

Woke up by Kwan pulling me off the bed :( Had to wake up fr breakfast and I was tired as hell. Kwan didn't had a good sleep because we had 4 of us squeezing in a queen size bed and Kwan kept rolling off because I kept pushing her :/

And checked out the hotel and off to visit gong gong again :)

showing off my 50 plus tshirt hahahaa

And went to Johor Baru for lunch!

After lunch went to KSL mall to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Kwans bought out stufffffffffffffff. And the things there are cheapppppp especially the phone casings and screen protectors. Didn't have much time to shop but still managed to get quite a lot of stuff! No pictures because aunts advice not to bring our valuables out in case of robbery.

After KSL head to parents favourite place where the groceries are cheapppp

Haha our trolley full of unhealthy stuff.

And dining time :P (yes we ate alooooooot, thats the reason why I came back to singapore gaining _______kg zzzzzzzzzzz)

Super good samba sotong

Deep fried lok lok which is just awesome lor fav was the bacon plus asparagus and bacon plus mushroom. Pure s.e.x i tell you.

And another dining place..........

Kway chap! 

Which is super not worth for me. Because I don't eat pig intestines all such of stuff so I only ate the tofu and kway tiao :)

Compare eye bags 

And managed to cross customs with tons of chewing gums haha. Home sweet home after dropping cousins back home :) Missed John like crazy, he literally jumped on me when he saw me back home :')

Amazing short get away trip with cousins. It's like having so many sisters and brothers haha. How I wish we all lived together in one fucking huge apartment.


Wednesday (9 October)

Went back to school in the morning for a short English lesson. Then went to the Kerwin's birthday mini surprise party!

Cake smash at Hougang Mall's mini play ground?

Kerwin head back to his poly to do some stuff and went to Rozanne's house to study with Wanying, Jason, Nixon and Kaiyi! Anddddddd we kind of trailed off.

Kai yi the drag queen :)

Drinking time at night! 

Home not drunk :) Happy Birthday Kerwin once again :)


So that's it I guess. What's up with life now? Basically still in confusion I guess. Time is just sprinting by and I don't think I can catch up. It's as though time is pushing me to move quickly along with it but it's not taking into consideration how many obstacles I'm facing, and I'm out of breath, I'm somewhat suffocating, I can't keep up.

I'll be back soon to blog about the trip to USS for Halloween which I'll be going with my cousins this Friday! Tata!


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