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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. ― Marilyn Monroe

May 14, 2013

Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone.

Hey guys :) I know it has been a crazily long period of time since I've last blogged. I guess I've been busy? haha or maybe been too distracted by Youtube :) I wanted to blog last Saturday but I decided to wait till Sunday but I didn't had time on Sunday :(

I should really find a day and post every week on that day! Okay maybe Saturday or Sunday okay! I'll try :)

So as usual, here's what I have been doing.


I forgot when was this but I went to get some spray paint to respray my bike. Since mummy doesn't allow me to get my own fixie, I shall just change my bike colour as much as I like :)

I didn't thought of this at first. But my bike was suppose to be green and the green turned out to be really ugly. Luckily I bought extra spray paint because I wanted to graffitize stuff at home, so I used the extra and changed the colour to bright pink. BUT the fluorescent pink wasn't enough and the shop didn't had stock too so my bike was half pink half green = AA to the max. Because the colours were all fluorescent. So I added black behind so tada!


This was last last Friday? I forgot omg. But it was on a Friday! Went cycling with the guys :) I kind of miss cycling :( Hardly cycle alr due to stupid examinations.

The reason why I really want to be a bird.

Cycled to Pasir ris Ikea to join Jia rong for dinner! We cycled through Punggol Waterway around there la :) Haha proud of Don, he helped an uncle with the directions (didn't helped much but still did help) and helped an old lady push her bicycle up slope. Maybe that's the reason why we took about 1hr to reach Ikea.

My hair looks so fake here like there's extensions :( BUT IT'S REAL!!!! 

1 hour later..............................

And Ikea time :)

We bought beer and went to sit at a void deck around Jiarong's place because some idiot keep insisting he missed the feeling of lepaking at void decks.


Saturday! Work in the morning as usual and tuition in the afternoon.

Nothing much I guess. Suppose to head out with Kwan but she asked me to come home first because she wasn't ready. So by the time she had finish preparing it was already to late to head out zzz. So we said we would head out tmr instead since there's no tuition on Sunday morning.


And Sunday. Suppose to head out with Kwan haha but guess what. We slept till 7pm. I guess the reason was because we had movie night till 5am plus plus. 

Head out to Giant and Ikea. Because mummy wanted to buy sth and Kwan wanted to eat Ikea food. It was a terrible night actually don't really wanna elaborate but everybody had a little bad mood.


p/s: Doesn't mean I capped that, I find school fun. I still hate school. HATE.

Went to Anchorvale CC to study with Kwan in the evening.

Haha I just realized I like wearing this shirt ALOT.

Another evening spent at Anchorvale cc Macs.

Getting ready for English Mid year paper.


Enough of schooling and finally it's Friday :) Went out after Chinese mid year.

Met up with Don for Marche @ Vivo!

Because the world is round.

Haha here's a random cloud middle finger.

2nd pic: We went to the beach :)

Our new cow friend :)

Window shopping after Marche.

I hate my skin colour :( I wanna go tanning soon. KWAN LETS GO TANNING.

Teaser: Check out Don's special ep in Ikea and Daiso haha. (not out yet)


Sunday! Favourite day of that week :)

Met up with my dear cousin Kylie aft such a long time of not seeing her. 


Early dinner at Pizza hut! :)

After eating for really long we went to do my specs stuff.

While waiting for the 7.50pm movie to start. 

My 2 pretty girls. They both look so koreany here haha. And I look like shit -____-

Really wanna live in a house with my cousins :( Maybe not the same house but maybe our houses can be just beside one another! Semi d houses would be the BEST omg. And we could all invest on our own pool hahahaahah

And we sneaked Kylie in to Scary Movie 5 which is NC16. Pity the ticketing guy because I was being a total bitch trying to get in because I gave kylie my IC (she's 14 hah). So I was like "obviously I look like above 16 right" So he let us in :)

p/s: it doesn't always work because sometimes the ticketing person can be as anal as you.
p/s/s: not a good job working as ticketing counter person (the one who check and tear your tickets to let you in the movie)

So anyways!!!! The movie was stupidly okay. Haha but it was quite scary though!!! Okay la 1/5 for the scariness. So it wasn't scary la just got startled by a few parts.

 And finally home sweet home because there's school tmr :(

2nd photo: Kwan's face.

love love love love.


~SCHOOL DAY once again~

Anchorvale CC to study with Kwan.

Love the big green umbrealla :) Oh we're green too :) Okay maybe it's turquoise for Kwan but still aiya.

Wednesday @ ACC.

Last Saturday (the recent one) Went work in the morning and met up with Don at Anchorvale CC to study for our mid year. Kwan came along too.

Then Kwan left half way to study with her friends and Kerwin came here to study too. 

Blah blah blah we got tired and went to have our dinner at Punggol Plaza :) Had quite a hard time finding a cab at Anchorvale though but we still got there!


It was still quite early so I head to Don's and Kerwin's condo to just chill downstairs.

Really want to stay at a condo or have a own swimming pool at home :( I wanna go night swimming!! Just looking at people swimming at night makes me wanna just jump into the pool. Last time daddy always bring us to swim at night but I hated it and never had appreciate it haha but now just aiya.

Daddy came to pick me up and home!


Sunday. Had to tuition in the morning and went studying AGAIN. Life of a secondary school student, you cannot expect my life to be interesting as much as I want it to be.


P/S: Although we took quite alot of pictures it was still productive la haha.

Don had to leave early for his mother's day dinner. Kwan and I had to go to compass for some stuff. So we left Macs and went to study at the block nearby our house aft dinz.

The sky has been really pretty these days but the weather really killer.

Hehe do I look like a butch? ^~^

Studied a little more and home!


Hmm so it's the half of the week already. Finally and so super glad that it's coming to the end of the mid year examination week. I've been so stress out (ok la maybe not much but still stress ok) and it's only the mid year exams, can you imagine how high the stress level is gonna be when it's coming to PRELIMS?!?! Or even the 'O's? Fuck.

I really really really really really HATE being in secondary school. I'm so bloody sick of being here for 5 fucking years. Yea I know I got to choose whether do I wanna continue secondary 5 or head to ite. But I don't know did I made the correct decision coming back yet. We just have to wait and see don't we. Can't wait for November fucking 11th. Can't fucking wait. 

And I contradict myself, what makes me think life will get easier when I'm out of secondary school? Because seems like it, it never will and never does.


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